Our services

Real estate sales

  • specific customer needs analysis;
  • real estate market analysis;
  • property evaluations, supported by a team of experts, analysis of compliance with land registry and urban planning;
  • customized photo services;
  • tax assessment;
  • profitability analysis;
  • consultancy in the purchase proposal and preliminary, accompanying until the deed.

For real estate transactions, first of all we pay particular attention to the customer’s needs, taking into account what he wants and considering his style. After a careful analysis of the real estate market, and after an accurate check with competent professionals, of both land registry and urban planning, we proceed with the presentation of the property.
We give great importance to the photo shoot, a business card for presenting the property. In order to maximize the profitability of the investment, we study the best solution to minimize the fiscal impact for the customer. We also offer consultancy for the income of the property, with both short-let and medium-long term solutions. The customer is accompanied until the final stages of the operation and if required with a “turnkey” package (research-proposal-preliminary-deed-connection utilities-research architect / decorator-research removal company- …).

Property leasing

  • conductor / lessor search;
  • analysis of financial capacity and conducting solvency;
  • accompanying until the contract is signed and registered.

For those who wish to make an income out of their property and for those looking for a property for personal use, we work paying particular attention to the customer’s needs, taking into account what they want remaining in line with their style.

In the search for the tenant, we carry out accurate analysis on the income capacity and on the solvency of any person interested in renting the property.
We accompany customers up to the final stage of the “deal”, where required with a “Turnkey” package (search-proposal-lease-user connection-research architect / decorator-search removal company-Tari communications sending-…) .

Real estate management

  • rental management;
  • property sales;
  • search for new real estate investments.

We work alongside companies or individuals with real estate assets to manage, guaranteeing maximum professionalism and confidentiality.

Property finding

  • analysis of specific customer needs;
  • property search;
  • location research near international schools;
  • management of utilities opening;
  • useful contacts and advice for any furnishing needs.

Complementing our “core business”, we offer an escort service to those approaching a new city for the first time and in need of very practical indications regarding the settlement of their family in everyday life (connection of utilities-international schools-sports- indications of shopping centers – ….).

Post purchase advice – Restructuring and furnishing of the building

  • analysis of specific customer needs;
  • visit of the building with a team of experts able to propose an architectural project, assist in building / concessionary practices, follow the direction of works.

For those who need to carry out renovation and / or building-related practices or renovate the furniture, we put them in contact with all the professionals they need: architects, interior designers, surveyors.