Here are the neighborhoods where prices are estimated to grow. The M4 metro line works as a tow, the Bocconi Campus and the Lambrate area are also attractive

by Elisabetta Andreis

Nearby the M4

One and a half billion euros. The properties near the new M4 line will be re-evaluated from time to time. On average, according to a study by the Chamber of Commerce, the properties along the new line cost 6 thousand euros per square meter, and in 2018 they grew by 1%. However, with substantial differences: the “areas” around viale Piceno – Indipendenza (+ 1.6%), Argonne-viale Corsica (+ 1.7%) and the Court (+ 1.6%) are “earning” more. .

University Citadel

In one year, prices rose on average by 1.7%, on an average 5 thousand euros per square meter, still awaiting revaluation. The areas of ​​Bovisa (+ 4.8% in 2018), Cattolica (+ 1.2%), of the new Bocconi campus (+ 1.1% but + 8% in five years) are growing. To keep an eye on all new student housing, because the “repopulation” with the young student could create a favorable induced market on the premises and have a positive impact – according to experts – even on housing prices.

City of nightlife

Prices could bounce in some areas where the movida had so far contained the rises. If the experts were right, it might be convenient to buy in these neighborhoods. For example of Brera (+ 3%), Porta Nuova (+ 2%), even the Navigli, in particular in the first section of the Naviglio Grande, which so far has been neglected by real estate investors, despite the high potential.

City of design and creativity

Surprisignly The Tortona and Lambrate areas are a growing (+ 5%, among those with the brightest performance even in the last year, although with big differences between one road and another). Added to these is also the “open-air shopping gallery” represented by Corso Buenos Aires, especially near Porta Venezia (+ 4% in 2018).

The cheapest and most chic areas

The least expensive houses, with 2600 euros per square meter are in the area Baggio-Via Salomone, Trenno, Quarto Oggiaro, Musocco. Less than 3000 euros per square meter also Inganni, Gratosoglio, Corvetto, via Padova. At the opposite extreme, the super chic houses. at 12 thousand euros per square meter via della Spiga, via Monte Napoleone, the area of piazza San Babila and piazza della Scala. With 11 thousand euros per square meter: Castello Sforzesco and Cordusio areas. With 9 thousand euros: Corso Venezia and Repubblica area. With 8 thousand: Corso Garibaldi, Missori, Via Leopardi (Cadorna).

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by Elisabetta Andreis

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